UFC’s Diego Sanchez Fights A Young Man With Down Syndrome

Isaac Marquez recently had the opportunity to fight his friend and fellow gym buddy UFC vet Diego Sanchez in a ring. Isaac “The Shermanator” Marquez has Down Syndrome, but that doesn’t stop him from hitting the gym and training as if he was a UFC fighter with Sanchez who’s taught him everything he knows.

Isaac Marquez and Diego Sanchez

“[Isaac “The Shermanator” Marquez] came to [Jackson Wink MMA Academy] to just come and check out the gym and I told him, ‘You like MMA?’ and he said, ‘I love fighting,’ and then I said, ‘Alright. Well, are you here to just watch or do you want to train?’ and he said, ‘I want to train.’ So, I said alright let’s do this. He believes it with all of his heart, so I am going to make it happen. You know, he will be facing me, so I will be his opponent and we are going to have a championship fight. Isaac [Marquez] lost his mother to dementia and if you ever talk to Isaac he will show you his tattoo. He is doing it all for his mom, and he is going to win the championship for his mom. So, that’s the kind of heart that this kid has,”  Diego Sanchez said to KRQE.