Inflammation Causing Foods

It’s late at night, you feel tired and sluggish and your pants are feeling a little tighter than usual. You poke your belly and it feels hard and bloated, but you don’t know why. Many times we don’t think twice before indulging into foods that we know are not good for us. But other times, we think that certain foods are healthy and we don’t realize that these foods might be what’s causing inflammation in our bodies.ThinkstockPhotos-176522797

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When it comes to sugar, there’s sugar in practically everything. We live in a society where we have very easy access to fast food and drinks that contain tons of sugar. Sugar can make you feel bloated, cause you to gain weight, and even help accumulate fat around your vital organs. Tip: Be conscious of your sugar intake and make it a habit to read the labels in packages and buy unsweetened instead of sweetened foods.