Laura Bozzo Almost Died When She Had A Hysterectomy

Laura Bozzo had a scary health scare last year when she visited her doctor who advised her to remove her uterus because she was in danger of getting cancer due to using hormones. When they took out her uterus, they also mistakenly cut off part of her intestine, but that isn’t the worst part. She just found out that she had a heart attack and was dead for a couple of seconds because of that error.

laura bozzoThe Peruvian talk show host talked to Maxine Woodside and explained that on October of last year, she had a heart attack and was dead for a couple seconds, but luckily the medical team was able to bring her back to life. “I just found out that on October 25, I had cardiac arrest and I was dead for a couple of seconds; they brought me back to life. It was a shock that changed my life and a wake-up call to enjoy every moment,” she said.