Latin America Loves Mercados, Not Food Chains

Could you live in a world without fast food? When we think about fast food, we think of restaurants like McDonald’s or Burger King, but there are countries like Bolivia where they don’t exist anymore and haven’t for many years. The reason behind this is pretty simple: Bolivians feel that a good meal should be prepared with love, dedication, and proper cook time.

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One of the things our Latin American countries share in common is the love for having food markets or “mercados”. Every town has their own fruit market where you can buy almost anything, including, steak, fruits and vegetables, clothes, and even prepared food. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing, but if they have a taste for tacos, they will line up in the corner with a street vendor, rather than buy food at a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s. And yes, they will wait in a long line for their food to be prepared.