3 Latinas Changing the World

Women are changing the world and these three powerhouses are doing their part: Demi Lovato, Jessica Alba, and America Ferrara. These three Latinas are more than just singers, actresses, and entrepreneurs, they are helping change the lives of people.

jessica alba

Jessica Alba founded Honest Company in 2012, which has grown into a billion-dollar business empire that provides nontoxic household, baby and beauty products. “As a mom for the first time, I wanted to create a safe and healthy environment for my daughter and when I looked around at what was available for me to do that, I just didn’t find the answer,” she says to People.demi lovato

Demi Lovato recently released her documentary on YouTube, which highlighted several of her health issues, including mental health and being bipolar. By sharing her personal struggles, she’s helped others get the help they need. Talking about mental health is often “very taboo, and I want to take that away,” says Lovato. She’s teamed up with Global Citizen and Save the Children, helping promote Healing and Education Through the Arts (HEART) program in Iraq for kids affected by war and conflict. “I do feel the impact because I’ve had fans come up to me and say that I’ve saved their lives.”