Are Tortillas a Good Option for Diabetics?

Tortillas are a staple in many Hispanic households; it’s something that we eat daily and in many different ways. We enjoy them as tacos, enchiladas, chips, corn, or flour. When you have diabetes, you have to be conscious about you eat and to make sure that your blood sugar level is kept under control. But like any other food you love, it’s important to know how to incorporate them into your diet, without going overboard.


Are tortillas good for you? You know they taste good and it’s part of the Hispanic culture, so let’s explore the details.

They contain essential nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals. A 12-inch tortilla can have 3.9 milligrams of iron, it also contains vitamin B-3, this is what breaks down fats, carbs, and proteins. One 6-inch corn tortilla has about 60 calories and a flour tortilla can have almost 100 calories. Both corn and flour tortillas are considered low-glycemic foods. This is what measures how rapid a carb enters your bloodstream and how high it raises your glucose levels.

One of the drawbacks of tortillas is that they contain large amounts of salt. One 12-inch tortilla can provide 35% of the recommended maximum daily sodium intake. Especially for diabetics, it’s recommended that you choose the low-sodium tortillas whenever you can and keep count on how many you eat. Instead of having tacos, you might just want to have a burrito to keep the calorie count down.


Tacos are great and everyone loves them, but someone who has diabetes should avoid high-fat toppings like sour cream and melted cheese. Try swapping healthier options like grilled chicken with non-fat Greek yogurt in your tacos and load it up with lettuce and tomato and salsa. If you have the taste for chips, then pop your tortillas in the oven and make them tostadas or even on the BBQ grill. If you want to opt for an even healthier option, you should try blue corn tortillas, they have 20% more protein, fewer carbs, and an even lower glycemic index than corn tortillas.

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