Woman Catches Herpes From Sampling a Lipstick At Sephora

Women love Sephora because it’s one of those places where you can spend hours trying out many of their beauty products. You always see women trying on mascara, lipstick, foundation, and other products right on their face, and unfortunately, that’s a big no-no. A California woman claims to have visited a Sephora store in Hollywood where she applied one of the lipsticks that were on display at the store and now she’s claiming that she caught herpes on her lips.

applying makeupAccording to TMZ, the woman is suing because Sephora failed to warn customers of any health risks associated with sampling the beauty products. She claims, that if she had seen a warning, she would have avoided trying on the lipstick.

The store does have disposable lipstick wands and other cotton and plastic disposable applicators to try on the beauty products, yet there are no instructions as to how you should use them.