Dascha Polanco From OITNB Talks Curves and Self-confidence

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Everyone has been waiting impatiently for the return of Orange is the New Black show on Netflix and now we’re only a couple months away from the premiere of season 2! The show which is based on the story of a woman that ends up in prison is an action packed drama that features quite a lot of strong Latina female characters. Dascha Polanco who plays Dayanara Diaz is sexy curvy Dominican who is not afraid to tell it how it is on and off camera.


In an interview with No Filter, she talks candidly about how difficult it was for her to be in the spotlight in the beginning, especially when she had to dress up for a special event. Every time she had to go to a fancy event they would bring her sample sizes in the size 0. This was very frustrating because they had to order a very expensive dress in her size and she had no idea how it would fit because she couldn’t try it on before buying it. “I’m never going to be a size zero, and I don’t want to be. I love being thick. I love having things to move around—to twerk with!” she said.