Are Non-Toxic Baby Products, Worth The Expense?


Many celebrities like Blake Lively are raving about the non-toxic baby products that Jessica Alba’s company, the Honest Company has to offer. With the new wave of organic products and chemicals invading our world, wouldn’t you want the cleanest products for your child?

Jessica Alba Signs Copies Of "The Honest Life: Living Naturally And True To You"

When it comes to diapers, most moms opt for the cheapest options or brand names like Pampers and Huggies because that’s what they’ve known to learn. Unfortunately, among the Latino community, we don’t do as much research as we should when it comes to baby products. At least not until your baby develops a rash or an allergic reaction to a specific product.

What Is a Non-Toxic Product?

Do you ever look at the back of your shampoo or package for food? Do you see big words that you don’t understand, many that sound like chemicals? In the last couple of years, premium baby care products that are non-toxic and organic have grown by 68% and the numbers keep growing for companies like the one Jessica Alba owns.

Unfortunately these non-toxic and organic products have been associated with big money, and while this is true, the benefits can outweigh the cost. Many parents are used to purchasing items from big companies like Johnson & Johnson that for many years have been a household name. Even they are jumping on the organic train and have a created an organic all natural line of products.


Non-toxic baby products are made from natural ingredients and contain little or no chemicals. Products can include baby formula, diapers, baby food, toys and much more, all that are made from organic and eco-friendly materials. Many products are made with cotton and bamboo products that are free from harmful pesticides and chemical dyes. They include recyclable materials, sustainable wooden products, that are environmentally safe.

The price for these products might be a couple of bucks more, but many parents love how their babies react to these products. Like they taste better, smell better, and don’t have any problems associated with chemicals. Many of these companies offer monthly delivery so that’s one less thing to worry about. You know, running in the middle of the night for emergency food or diapers. Might be worth it, but you be the judge…

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