Conceptionmoon: Baby-Making Vacation

Hispanics love big families and according to the U.S. Census, they currently account for 50.4% of the nation’s population younger than 1. The newest trend among women wanting to conceive is Conceptionmoon. This is similar to a honeymoon, a romantic vacation somewhere or a special trip where the mission is to get pregnant.


One of the main reasons women have a difficult time getting pregnant is because they are stressed or worried about the everyday things like work or money. The conceptionmoon is an excuse for a vacation where you get to spend with your loved one and relax. In a recent poll by, over 1,000 women were surveyed who took conceptionmoons and 40% of them got pregnant. When you’re at a romantic get-away you absorb the environment, good weather, and you enjoy the time with your loved one, forgetting about your everyday worries.


How To Plan for a Baby-Making Vacation

Think about what gets you in the mood. Do you see romance in the beach, city, or even an adventure trail? Think about the time of the month as well. Plan your conceptionmoon during the time you’re ovulating to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Your most fertile days are 3 days before ovulation through the day of ovulation. Your partner can also help by cutting back on alcohol, smoking, avoiding hot baths, and eating foods with vitamins like zinc, vitamin C and D. That’s the recipe for super sperm.

The moon has always been associated with romance, especially when there’s a full moon. A study by the Pacific Fertility Centre in San Francisco has found that women’s menstruating cycles are in sync with the moon. According to the study, women are most fertile with the new moon, so check the lunar calendar! There are also lunar conception calculators that can predict what the sex of the baby will be depending on the date and time you conceive.

If you need help deciding where to go, Expedia came out with the new Expedia Heat Index, which lists the sexiest places in the world:

Las Vegas
New York City
Rio de Janeiro

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