Conceptionmoon: Baby-Making Vacation

Hispanics love big families and according to the U.S. Census, they currently account for 50.4% of the nation’s population younger than 1. The newest trend among women wanting to conceive is Conceptionmoon. This is similar to a honeymoon, a romantic vacation somewhere or a special trip where the mission is to get pregnant.


One of the main reasons women have a difficult time getting pregnant is because they are stressed or worried about the everyday things like work or money. The conceptionmoon is an excuse for a vacation where you get to spend with your loved one and relax. In a recent poll by, over 1,000 women were surveyed who took conceptionmoons and 40% of them got pregnant. When you’re at a romantic get-away you absorb the environment, good weather, and you enjoy the time with your loved one, forgetting about your everyday worries.


How To Plan for a Baby-Making Vacation