Tips For New Parents: How To Simplify Feedings During Sleepless Nights

Little girl lays on her mother's chestEvery new mom and dad can relate to the universal experience of waking up in the middle of the night with a newborn.
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In fact, according to the 2014 Chicco Late Night Feeding Survey, two thirds of parents report getting up to feed their babies anywhere from 3-5 times per night.  To celebrate the launch of Chicco’s NaturalFit Advanced Feeding & Soothing System, which is designed to simplify bottle feeding for parents and their newborns, Chicco USA polled new moms and dads to get the inside scoop on what goes on during those wee hours of the night.

The survey revealed that two-thirds of moms (65%) and more than half of dads (56%) got four hours of sleep or less per night when their babies were first born.  In addition to tending to their little ones, parents report finding other ways to occupy their hours of interrupted sleep, from perusing Facebook and shopping online to checking out the latest sports scores.