Rafael Inclán Was Kidnapped & Needed Therapy To Overcome His Fears

Rafael Inclán was kidnapped while filming a telenovela in Oaxaca, Mexico. The actor, fortunately, lived to tell his story after paying the ransom, which was about $100,000 dollars.

“It’s very easy and they do it the same all over, first they start to call you, they take over your cell phone and they get you paranoid, I answered them calmly,” he says in an interview with Hoy.rafael inclan

He says that they took him to a secluded place where they do the negotiating with the victim. Inclán was filming the telenovela “Mi marido tiene familia” (My husband has a family) when he got kidnapped at the hotel where he was staying. “I paid a million and a half (pesos), my son was in charge of depositing the money, and I could hear them pressuring him to deposit the money,” he says.money transaction

Fortunately, he was able to seek help from the Oaxacan authorities. “The anti-kidnapping department in Oaxaca is super prepared,” he said. “They were able to locate the phone, the hotel and found me.”

After learning of what had happened to the actor, the producer, Juan Osorio, and Televisa helped him cope with the aftermath by offering him the help he needed. “There was a specialized psychologist that has experience with these cases who was talking to him, he started calming him down, because he was in shock,” said Osorio. “He said they were following him, he couldn’t speak, he would write everything, that’s how they had him, and from there I took him to the plane and brought him to Mexico City.”

Inclán is doing much better, even though still shaken up having lived such a scary experience.