Angelina Jolie Gets Hysterectomy to Prevent Cancer, Potentially Saving the Lives of Many Other Women

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Many of us eat healthy and exercise every day in an effort to prevent diseases that are prominent in the Hispanic community, like diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately there are things happening inside our bodies that regardless how careful and how healthy a life you lead, the risk still exists because it’s in your genes. This is the case for Angelina Jolie, who took the time to publish an op-ed in the New York Times this morning announcing that she removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes because after visiting her doctor, they found traces of what can potentially develop into ovarian cancer.

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Two years ago she had a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of cancer, since she lost her mother, grandmother and aunt to the horrible disease. A new report from the American Cancer Society states that cancer is the #1 death among Hispanics, which is why her announcement is creating awareness of the preventative measures that exist to prevent people from dying from this disease.