6 Tricks To Save Your Waistline This Halloween

It’s that time again, folks. Halloween is almost here. The holiday that begins the “sugar season” — four months of tempting treats everywhere you turn. If you’re trying to lose weight or just watching your waistline, October 31st might seem scarier than usual. Don’t fear! Whether you are handing out candy or hitting a costume party, there are a bunch of neat tricks you can do to keep Halloween from being a junk food fest.

Eat a Good Dinner First.

Whether it’s a late hearty lunch or a solid early dinner, make sure you fill up on nutritious food before the little ghosts and goblins start to arrive. Everyone’s schedule is different, but make time to fill up on good stuff before you hand out sweets. Make sure you have had plenty of water to drink throughout the day, and you’ve had a solid meal with plenty of fat and protein.family eating dinner

Bleach Your Teeth.

Who doesn’t love a nice bright smile? The timing is perfect right after dinner! Bleaching your teeth can take up to an hour, and there’s no way to eat with that tray in. You’ll definitely save yourself from an hour’s worth of snacking that you’ll only regret later. Just think, your teeth will be better than ever without the candy-induced damage that they would have suffered, and instead, they get a nice polish and shine!

Chew Gum.

There are a lot of really tasty sugar-free chewing gums available these days. If you need something sweet on Halloween, pick something that will last and keep you busy. Whether you’re rocking out to Monster Mash or handing out candy to the neighborhood kids, gum is a better option than candy every time.