Fitness Trackers at Work?

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Fitness trackers are hot right now and employers are looking at the benefits of purchasing fitness trackers for their employees. These fitness trackers measure calories burned, steps, heart rate, what you eat, and even sleeping patterns. Now there’s news that fitness trackers like Fitbit and Apple watch might make their way into the workplace by 2018.

Many corporate offices across the country already have gyms, yoga, Pilates, and even Weight Watchers meetings at work to encourage their employees to live a healthy lifestyle. They also have cafeterias where they provide healthy lunch options. Some companies even offer health fairs at the workplace to encourage their employees to get the preventative care that they need.


If they spend money on helping you make healthier choices then their investment pays off. Having a healthy workforce means more productivity, less sick days, and less visits to the doctor for urgent care and critical diseases.

One of the things that have worked for employers in the past is incentives like cash prizes or even days off. Everyone loves a good competition and if you can get a great prize, then you’ll be motivated to follow through.


Fitness trackers have the same effect that cellphones have on teenagers. These gadgets are cool and track every movement you make, which is why people who use them are constantly checking how they’re doing. They log in what they ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In essence it motivates couch potatoes to get moving in order for their device to say, good job.

What do you think of fitness trackers? Do you like idea of a fitness tracker at work, why or why not?

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