5 Easy Ways to a Healthy Heart

Woman in white overalls sits on the floor beneath a painted pink heartFor those of you who don’t know, February is Heart Health Month.  El corazón is one of the most important organs in the body. While you still can, be mindful of it, take care of it and learn how to keep it strong and pumping para una vida más larga y saludable.

Keep your heart going by doing simple things.

1. If you smoke, stop smoking. You already know that it’s bad for your heart and lungs. In addition, it causes damage to your blood cells and also increases a potential for plaque build up in your arteries. Your arteries help to pump blood through your body, which carry oxygen and allows your body to work properly. Combined with a not so healthy diet and high cholesterol, smoking can be the main cause of heart attacks.

2. Dance.  Exercise gets oxygen moving through your body and helps to keep you health on all levels, especially when you got your heart working. Dancing is a fun and energizing way to get your blood pumping, especially on those Saturday mornings while you’re cleaning your house. Singing along to your favorite songs on top of dancing to them also helps improve stamina in your lungs, which in return helps your heart.

Any kind of aerobic exercise pumps oxygen into your body, keeps your blood pressure down, increases circulation, helps reduce stress and tension, and helps improve your sleep.