Relieve Achy Feet With Foot Cream(with these 3 ingredients)

Foot pain is very common and it’s something that many people suffer from on an everyday basis. If you’re someone who works standing up for 8 hours, chances are that when you get home, you kick your shoes off and raise your achy feet or massage them. Most people find that a relaxing shower and putting their feet up will get rid of the aching, but there is something else that can help with your feet, lotion.

More and more companies are selling foot lotions, creams, and gels for achy feet and it’s important to find the cream that does more than just moisturize, preferably with these 3 ingredients:woman applying lotion on feet

Methyl Salicylate

When it comes to achy feet there are some ingredients that work better than others. One of the best creams out there is the Avon Foot Works cream that helps people that have arthritis and foot muscle pain. The main ingredient in this foot cream is methyl salicylate which is an organic mix of wintergreens. It has a cooling effect and a minty smell, so when you apply the cream feels cool, but after you rub it in, it starts to warm up, which is a sensation that helps the skin distract you from the aches and pains that you are feeling in your muscles, joints, and tendons.