Eva Longoria’s Sister Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Eva Longoria is helping spread the word about metastatic breast cancer. The actress has a sister with special needs that was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, which thankfully was caught during a routine mammogram.

“I never said anything [at the time] because it was a private thing. I was my special needs sister too so she had a hard enough life as it is,” she said to People. Unfortunately, other women are not as lucky as her sister because one in three women who get metastatic breast cancer, where it spreads throughout the body, do not survive.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria sister Liza Credit: Eva Longoria/Instagram

Longoria admits that she didn’t know much about breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer. “So I thought, how many people don’t know about this? And if I have a platform that can help women learn about this, if I have a platform that can help raise funds to find a cure for it, that’s even better,” she said.