Autumn Weather Means It’s Time To Change Your Beauty Routine

Summer is almost over, which means that autumn is right around the corner! Yes, it’s time for pumpkin spiced lattes, blankets and rainy days, but with the change of season comes a change in our beauty routine. You should always keep in mind that when the weather changes, so does your beauty routine. Here are some of our fall beauty tips that will help your skin looking healthy and beautiful.


Heat is well known for causing dehydration in our bodies, but the cold weather tends to dry our skin and this is due to dehydration too. Remember to moisturize your skin in the morning before stepping out the door, so the first thing in the morning that touches your skin is not the cold wind. Also, remember to drink plenty of water, which is something that most people struggle with when it’s no longer hot outside.woman covering her face

Sun protection

This is a habit you must keep year-round. Although autumn and winter are thought to be cloudy seasons, the sun is the strongest when it’s cloudy because the UV rays can still damage your skin. Even if it’s raining, put some sunscreen on if you’re going to be driving or walking outside.  There are many sunscreens out there, so look for sunscreens with zinc oxide, which gives you the best protection. Wear that under your makeup to get the most out of it.

Give your skin a break

During fall and winter, the skin loses its tan. Don’t worry, this is okay and completely natural and healthy. Don’t waste time and money in bronzing lotions or tanning beds. Let your skin renew. We do recommend that you invest in mineral makeup, which is made from minerals that not only give you that sunkissed summer glow or bronzed look, but they don’t contain harsh chemicals that other makeup does.