5 Reasons To Love The Cold

Winter has been rough in some parts of the country like Chicago, New York, and Boston. Fortunately, living in these freezing places has its advantages.

Cold therapy or cryotherapy is quickly gaining popularity; it translates as cold cure, where you step into a cold chamber colder than Antarctica. If you’ve ever taken a cold shower or a dip in a cold lake, it’s something similar to that—but 20 times colder!


When you take a cold shower, you know that the second that cold water runs down your spine it paralyzes your body. With cryotherapy the cold floods your brain, it shocks your body so much that you can’t relax. If you’ve experienced a Chicago winter with 30 below zero degrees, with cryotherapy you’re stepping into 200 below zero temperature. Many athletes with vigorous trainings undergo this type of therapy, which helps their body recover faster and promotes deeper sleep. It costs about $1,500 to rent a cryotherapy unit for one day, but for those of us that live in chilly weather and can’t afford it, we can get similar benefits for free.