Lucero Thanks Her Good Genes For Looking Young

Lucero is almost 50

The singer started singing from a very young age, so we’ve seen her grow up on stage and the 47-year-old looks like she’s still in her 30s. Like most celebrities, Lucero does a great job at eating right and exercising to look great, but she also thanks her genetics for keeping her looking young.

#mexicoesmagico Horno de panadería que existe y sigue vendiendo desde hace más de 100 años.

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Lucero doesn’t like botox or plastic surgery

There’s been a lot of talk about whether she’s had plastic surgery or even liposuction, but she confirms that she hasn’t had any procedure done.  “I don’t think I would like botox or surgeries, they scare me a little,” she says to Reforma. “To be honest I take care of myself with eating right, lotions, staying healthy, and visiting the doctor when I need to,” she says.