Why Are So Many Millennials Suffering From Mental Illness?

According to the American College Counseling Association, the rates of depression are soaring among millennials in college. They reported a 16 percent increase in mental-health visits since 2000 and a significant increase in crisis response over the past five years. According to recent studies, 44 percent of college students experienced symptoms of depression, and suicide is one of the leading causes of death among college students.young business people

But why is this happening?  There are a lot of things that affect Millenials and two of the most common are social media and corporate work environments. Social media impacts our lives every day with trends, news, etc. While it is far from the only cause of depression, social media certainly doesn’t make it any easier. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms give Millennials the ability to glimpse into their friends, families, and idols lives. Most people tend to post some of their best photos, special events, places they visit, so much exciting news! This can often lead to vulnerability as those suffering from depression can easily ask themselves why they are not having fun.