Edith González’s Ovarian Cancer Is In Remission

Ovarian cancer tried to beat Edith González, but by the looks of it, she beat cancer because she recently announced that she’s in remission.

“I’m alive, I’m here. I want to give you all the love that I feel in my heart. Here I am, while there is life there’s hope and if I can you can,” said Edith González to ¡Hola! Magazine.

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She is glowing on the cover of the magazine. “This doesn’t signify that I’m cured of cancer, but remission is the best word that one person can receive when they’re sick from cancer because it means that it’s under control. We know that my body has responded to treatment,” said the 52-year-old actress. Ovarian cancer typically affects women over the age of 50, even though there are many cases of it affecting younger women. Check out these statistics: