How The Temps Impact Your Workout

Nike knows that athletes can’t improve what they can’t measure and that better information provides greater motivation. To give all athletes an accurate and universal way to measure their daily activity Nike created NikeFuel in 2012. Uniquely designed to measure whole-body movement regardless of the wearer’s age, weight or gender, NikeFuel tracks activity in an intuitive and motivational way. It allows users to compare NikeFuel output with other users or with elite athletes across different types of activity.

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Nike can deliver extra motivation and insights by analyzing collective NikeFuel data and informing athletes how performance is impacted by various factors. On the eve of summer, Nike taps the power of NikeFuel data and 2013 weather data to show Nike+ users how temperature, rain and snow impacted their own physical activity, and to share activity patterns from across the U.S. 

A key fact that stands out from the data is that the sweet spot for physical activity in the US is 66°. That’s the magic temperature at which the Nike+ community moves the most, earning an average of 3,304 NikeFuel.