Symptoms of Menopause and How to Fight Them

Woman sits on floor at home relaxed and smilingMenopause symptoms can often stop women in their tracks.
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These symptoms can be widespread and may vary in intensity, frequency and degree, and women may begin having symptoms in their late 30s and early 40s. Natural supplements and lifestyle choices offer women natural ways to manage their menopause symptoms, including losing bone mass menopause and painful muscles menopause.

Menopause dry eyes can begin early in the menopause process and may be accompanied by other dryness issues, including dry skin, dry hair, brittle nails and vaginal dryness. Topical lubricants and moisturizers can offer immediate relief from the dryness but do nothing to address the underlying causes. Natural supplements such as DON’T PAUSE can balance hormone levels to promote moisturizing from the inside and reduce symptoms of dryness and irritation. Menopause and mood swings is another common symptom. Feeling depressed, anxious, moody or otherwise irritable can interfere with a woman’s day-to-day life and leave her feeling unstable. Regular moderate exercise, good sleeping habits and a balanced diet may alleviate excess stress and help women deal with their symptoms naturally, but some may need the additional support of a natural supplement.

Symptoms of menopause occur as a result of changing hormone levels. A decline in female hormones is natural during the transition process, but hormones can often fluctuate dramatically and cause significant discomfort or distress during menopause. Restoring a more balanced level of hormones using natural herbs and ingredients that have been used for years can combat menopause symptoms without unwanted side effects or potential risks. These supplements can contain just one ingredient that focuses on symptoms such as hot flashes or night sweats, or they can be multi-ingredient formulas, such as DON’T PAUSE, which addresses 45 different menopause symptoms. Many women benefit from natural supplements but may also achieve relief by combining supplements with healthier lifestyle changes.

The AntiAging Institute of California creates natural, herbal products that provide essential support for healthier aging. Products include DON’T PAUSE, which is specially designed for menopause, as well as Enhanced Function for Men, which offers a natural treatment alternative for erectile dysfunction.