Celebrity Health: The Corset Diet For Wedding Slim Down

women-in-corsetKim Kardashian has allegedly turned to a weightloss secret Jessica Alba made famous: the corset. A source was reported by Grazia magazine as saying “Kim wants he figure to look absolutely perfect on her wedding day. Wearing a corset at night is extremely uncomfortable but has a proven record of results, and with six weeks to go, Kim is up for anything.”

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“We suggest that women use shapewear that fits, and that they are comfortable in what they use. Many women make the mistake of buying shapers that are too small in hopes of increasing the compression level of the garment,” reveals leading online shapewear merchant HourglassAngel.com.

“There are plenty of high compression garments that will produce the desired results without compromising comfort. When women use shapewear that is not the proper fit, it leads to being uncomfortable, an undesired feel and poor posture. It is necessary to follow a product’s size chart to find the best fit for your body.”