Café Tacvba Wants to Bring Comfort and Hope With Jei Beibi

Café Tacvba has a new album called Jei Beibi and about to go on tour in Mexico and the U.S. and even though they don’t like to get involved in politics, they can’t help listening to the struggles that both Mexicans and Hispanics in the U.S are facing.

“If you live in a country like this or with a neighbor like the one we have, you can’t be not taking care of what’s happening,” says Emmanuel del Real, the band’s keyboardist to NPR. “You can’t not say something about it.”

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Their music incorporates rock as well as a fusion or electronic music with traditional Mexican styles like cumbias, rancheras, guapangos, and much more. Quique Rangel who wrote “Futuro” or “Future” used high-pitch whine sounds that convey the feeling of being worried about the future and the inability to do anything about it. “It’s about here and now is what you have to think and be aware,” explains Rangel. “Everything else doesn’t matter. The future is today.”