Edith González: “Cancer is Not Going to Control Me”

Women are strong, but Edith González has shown again and again that cancer is not going to beat her. The beautiful Mexican actress was recently seen on the cover of Quien magazine completely bald since for the past 8 months she’s been undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with endometrial cancer or cancer in the uterine lining. Edith González en portada.

“I’ve been bad, bad, bad,” says González to the magazine. She visited her doctor after suffering from back pain, that’s when her life came crumbling down. She was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and doctors removed her uterus, ovaries, her appendix, and lymph nodes, since cancer had spread to other parts of her body.Edith González para Quién

During the last couple of months, she’s gone through hell since side effects have included vomiting, imbalance, and even the loss of certain movements. Yet, she refuses to cry or to feel defeated. “I decide because cancer is not going to control me, no matter what happens.”