Natural Painkillers Better Than Tylenol

Bella Thorne recently came under fire when she posted on Twitter that she was depressed, yet a professional never diagnosed her with mental illness. Now we learn that she’s not a fan of doctors or medication, not even painkillers.

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“I wasn’t saying that I clinically went to a doctor. I didn’t know it was a big thing. You can judge me for believing my beliefs. In my family, we never went to doctors growing up. I don’t like medication. I don’t even take birth control. I won’t even take Advil or Tylenol. I power through. I’m all natural,” she says.

We’re not supporters of self-medicating and always advise people to get regular checkups, especially when they feel an ache or something is off. But, there are many people who believe in alternative pain solutions, which are a healthier alternative to taking acetaminophen. Here are some natural painkillers that will do the trick: