How NOT to Lose Your Wedding Ring

RingSafe Keeps Wedding Bands Safe at the Gym“Four in ten men will lose their wedding bands,” says co-founder, Kirsten Newbold-Knipp. “It took my husband losing his just once to come up with a solution.” Kirsten and her husband co-founder and inventor John Newbold-Knipp created RingSafe when John misplaced his wedding band just three days after returning from their honeymoon.

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RingSafe is a new, modern clasp designed to keep you from losing your ring. The simple accessory has proven perfect for people who take their rings off for work — doctors, dentists and construction professionals — as well as people who don’t want to injure themselves wearing a ring during sports or hobbies. When it comes to marriage, a lost wedding ring is the last thing you want to argue about – RingSafe aims to solve that problem.

The invention went personal to public when John wore an early 3D-printed prototype to a party where friends shared ring-loss horror stories and urged the couple to bring RingSafe to market. Further, primary research suggests that 40% of married men have lost their wedding band. RingSafe is a better alternative than putting your ring in your pocket or worse, wearing it when you shouldn’t.