What Does JLo Do To Look This Hot At 47?

Jennifer Lopez is so close to the big 5-0, but the Puerto Rican dance queen doesn’t look it. As you can imagine, JLo takes very good care of herself by never touching processed food, eating the right foods, and likes variety when it comes to her workouts.

Eats Organic

The singer eats mostly organic food, where a typical meal has to include low-fat protein and packed with vegetables. She’s a busy woman–she has performances in Vegas, is an actress in Shades of Blue, and a judge on World of Dance, so she’s always on the go. This is why she always keeps healthy snacks around. If she’s hungry, she’ll pick up some fruits or veggies and snacks on that instead of junk food. Even though some of her faves are chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies(according to her new beau Alex Rodriguez), plus she does have kids, so it’s only normal to indulge once in a while. On top of that, she doesn’t drink alcohol, smokes or even has caffeine! We don’t know how she does it, but it’s certainly working and it shows on her skin too.

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