How Juicing Is Yellowing Your Smile

A woman smiling and holding juiceWhen thinking about New Year’s resolutions and gearing up for bikini season comes to mind. With juice cleanses as one of the most popular ways of getting into shape. While the health benefits are great, just take a moment to think about what these liquid fruits and vegetables actually doing to your teeth?

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Leading anti-aging and cosmetic dentist Dr. Jessica Emery DMD, PC shared her insights on this new type of teeth stain emerging, even creating the first advanced power whitening service for those who juice. “We all know the basics like red wine and coffee yellow teeth, but one factor people don’t often think of is juice. Juicing is the latest craze and it can stain your teeth like crazy,” says Dr. Emery.
Witnessing this new type of stain pattern occurring, Sugar Fix Dental Loft Chicago has created one of the first whitening services for juicers & cleansers: The Chromogen Smile Cleanse. Fruits and veggies like berries, beets, carrots, spinach and kale pack potent nutrients that also create strong, quickly adhering stains. The Chromogen Smile Cleanse aka The Fresh Juice – Fresh Smiles Advanced Power Whitening Service, coined by Chicago’s leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Emery, will provide the special whitening technique needed for one time, occasional and daily juicers.