Vicente Fernández Suffered An Injury To His Spine

We haven’t heard much of Vicente Fernández since he retired. Yet, in recent days there were rumors that the Mexican singer was sick. Several sources reported that he is suffering from a spine injury and now his sons confirmed the rumors.vicente fernandez

According to La Opinion, Vicente Fernández is suffering from a spine injury due to his long-time passion for horseback riding. Apparently, he needs surgery to help alleviate the problem but because he’s overweight, doctors are waiting for him to lose a couple of pounds before they can do the surgery.

Days after the rumors emerged, his son Alejandro Fernández explained that his father was getting a second opinion because he was trying to avoid surgery. At a gala where he debuted his new album, Alejandro explained that even though his father couldn’t be at the event to support him, he sent his love and was doing much better.