Woman Loses 100 lbs With Diabetes Prevention Program

Sandra Marin, a Bronx grandmother lost 100 pounds by participating in Health People’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC)-approved National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and is featured in the CDC’s new national public service campaign to promote effective diabetes prevention.

With an estimated one-in-three American adults having pre-diabetes, prevention is imperative to stop millions more from developing diabetes. Marin tells host Joan Lunden how she reversed her own pre-diabetes through the DPP by learning to “self-manage” her health, making easy changes in her eating habits—“baking instead of frying” and starting to exercise regularly.baked fish

“I walk and do exercise at home with my grandkids,” Marin added. “They’re my motivation.”

Marin now weighs 196 pounds, down from 298 pounds when she started the DPP.

Health People, the South Bronx Community Preventive Health Institute, trains local residents to become “LifeStyle Coaches” who deliver the DPP at community centers, public housing and other places convenient for those who most need it. The South Bronx has the highest pre-diabetes and diabetes rates in New York State.