Cancer Death Rates Vary Widely Among Hispanics


Cancer death rates can vary widely among different Hispanic ethnic groups in the United States, a new study finds.

“Hispanic populations are all different, reflecting their country of origin, cultural experiences and socioeconomic status,” said study author Dr. Paulo Pinheiro, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.hispanics

“If we can detect the differences among them, we can more easily identify public health strategies that could decrease their cancer risk and improve health outcomes,” he explained.

In the study, Pinheiro’s team analyzed 2008-2012 health data from Florida. The researchers said this is the only state with statistically significant representation from all major Hispanic ethnic groups: Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Central American, Dominican and South American.

While cancer is the leading cause of death among Hispanics, the study found that Hispanics have a 30 percent lower risk of death from cancer than whites.

Compared to whites, Hispanics have higher rates of death from stomach and prostate cancer, but lower rates for lung, pancreas and breast cancer.