What’s Causing Your Bacne?|Get Rid Of It!

Back acne is a very common problem and one that you need to address before the warm weather gets here! Acne on your back or bacne is something that is not only bothersome because it itches just like regular acne, but if left untreated it can leave some permanent scarring.

back acne, bacne

Excessive sweating is the main cause of bacne and part of the development of this type of acne involves excess oil or sebum that your body creates. Sebum, secreted by sebaceous glands in the pores of the skin and microorganisms can contribute to the inflammatory component of acne. Make sure you take a shower after you workout and that you wear breathable clothing when you work out if you’re prone to sweating a lot.

Another reason for bacne is your beauty and hair products. Your conditioner, body cream, and even massage oils can clog your pores and cause back acne. When showering, flip your hair to the front and make sure you rinse your back well. Also use lotions that have less oil content if you have oily skin.

Eating the wrong foods, such as too many greasy burgers and fries can lead to acne. As a rule of thumb, make sure you’re eating enough fruits and vegetables, which not only hydrate your skin but also do wonders for your skin.