Bimba Bosé, Miguel Bosé’s Niece Dies From Metastasis

Bimba Bosé, Miguel Bosé’s niece passed away after battling cancer for two years. The Spanish singer, model, and actress was 41 years old and leaves behind two daughters, Dora, 12, and June, 5.

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In 2014 the singer announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast and underwent a mastectomy. The cancer, unfortunately, spread and caused her metastasis in the bones, liver, and brain.

Metastasis is the development of secondary malignant growths at a distance from a primary site of cancer. When this happens, cancer cells break away from where they first formed, in this case, in the breast, and then travel through the blood or lymph system and form new tumors called metastatic tumors in other parts of the body.