Maybelline’s Newest Ambassador Is A Man (For the 1st Time!)

The world is constantly changing and more and more people are open to accepting the non-standard. Manny Gutierrez recently became the first man to star in a Maybelline campaign and he is getting a lot of support. Of course, there are still people complaining and criticizing the company, but this is actually a big step forward for the LGBT & Latino community.manny mau

Maybelline is following in CoverGirl’s steps, since back in October, they named James Charles their first CoverGuy, and brands like Milk Makeup and Anastasia Beverly Hills have also been featuring men in advertising campaigns.

This is the first time that Maybelline teams up with beauty influencers as well as their first-ever partnership with a man, which is sending two messages: men also wear makeup and social media is changing the way we do beauty.