Celebrity Diet Hacks You Need To Try


Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Sofia Vergara and other beautiful Latinas over 40 have very strict diets, which cause them to stay looking youthful and slim. Here are some of the things that they’re eating or skipping all together in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“If It Comes in Packet, It’s Not Real Food”—Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is the queen of eating organic foods and she tries to eat as many fresh and natural foods in her diet as possible. The less amount of processed foods and refined sugars the easier it will be to keep your stomach flat.

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Cameron Diaz Starts Her Day Off With A Glass of Water

Many people drink their calories instead of eating them. Eliminating sodas and fruit juices can help keep you slim and also keep your skin hydrated. Drink more water because it also helps you stay fuller longer preventing you from overeating.

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Jennifer Lopez Drinks No Caffeine or Liquor

Caffeine and liquor make you feel good, alert and awake, but it also makes you feel bloated. Instead, drink water and fruit-infused water which is packed with nutrients that are good for you.

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