Can Yoga Help You Get Rid Of Aches and Even Diseases?

Yoga is one of those workouts that people love because it makes them feel great. Doctors even encourage their patients to practice yoga because it helps them manage everyday aches and even prevent the development of certain diseases.


People with asthma have trouble breathing, especially when they do cardio like running. Yoga is gentler than other exercises and the inhaling and exhaling breathing techniques that people do along with the poses helps improve lung function and even reduce asthma symptoms. The sukasana pose seen below is great for people with asthma.



Yoga does not cure diabetes, but it does help the endocrine system. Certain asanas can help massage and tone the abdominal organs like the pancreas and liver, and help stimulates the nervous and circulatory system, which in turn helps control diabetes. It helps manage insulin and glucose levels among diabetics much better. Check out this half twist pose:

half twist pose


Heart Health

Yoga helps build a stronger cardiovascular health because when you do certain poses, it helps improve your heart rate, boost blood circulation, builds muscle and decreases inflammation. This bridge pose helps calm the brain and relieve stress.

bridge pose