Emma Morano, World’s Oldest Woman Eats This Everyday

Emma Morano, the oldest woman in the world is sharing her secret for a long and healthy life. The Italian woman will celebrate her 117th birthday on November 29th. She claims that it’s two things that have kept her alive and healthy all these years: eating two raw eggs everyday and being single since 1930 when she got divorced. Morano began to eat raw eggs about 20 years ago when her doctor told her that eggs are a good source of protein and would help her get rid of her anemia.

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What Are The Benefits of Eating Raw Eggs?

Raw eggs may sound disgusting, but more and more people are eating them in smoothies or quickly as an “egg shot because of their health benefits. Many critics sway others from eating raw eggs because of salmonella and bacteria. Yet, the process of eating eggs cooked can destroy the proteins and fats when exposed to the heat. Doctors do encourage their patients to eat eggs and whether they eat them raw or cooked, that is a personal choice. Here are some of the health benefits: