Is The Shower Pouf Really Keeping You Clean?

The shower pouf is one of the most popular scrubbing tools. People love them because they come in different shapes and sizes, they make your soap or shower gel lather really nice, but most importantly help you exfoliate your skin gently and feel clean, right? Not according to dermatologists who advise to throw these away immediately.

shower pouf

Using a a shower pouf might make you feel like you’re clean, but they are actually a trap for bacteria. After you’re done scrubbing your skin, the dead skin cells get trapped inside the multiple layers of the pouf’s plasticky material. On top of that, when you leave it hanging in the shower, the moisture gets trapped causing bacteria to grow, which then leads to yeast and mold. Which means that the next time you take a shower, you’ll be rubbing that bacteria back onto your skin, which might explain why all of a sudden you’re breaking out on different parts of your body.