College Student Gets Raped–School Does Nothing

Most of the back to school safety campaigns focus on young children and teens, yet an estimated 1 in 5 women will get sexually assaulted during their college career. Adriana Medina, a Southern Illinois University student in Carbondale, IL was sexually assaulted on campus and unfortunately the school did absolutely nothing to protect her.

Medina uses poetry to tell her story, which all started when she went out drinking with a couple of friends. The turn of evens are a bit hazy, but all she remembers is waking up naked to a voice scolding her for vomiting in his apartment. She ran out of there as quickly as possible, wearing her blood-stained clothing from the night before.

Adriana Victoria Medina: I Need Answers from Karla Berry on Vimeo.

“The desk assistant should have been mandated to report it, I don’t understand why they didn’t stop me or asked me any questions or anything like that, they just let me go through. That’s not okay,” Adriana Medina tells HOY.

When she arrived to her dorm her roommate took her to the hospital to get checked out. “My initial reaction when I went to the hospital is that I didn’t want to press charges at all, I didn’t know who this kid was, maybe it was a mistake, maybe I just blacked out,” she says, “but when I got my rape kit done, they pulled out a tampon from up my cervix and that’s when I was upset.”