View The Olympics With These Brazilian Recipes

With the Rio Summer Olympics starting, we couldn’t help but get excited about their cuisine. The Brazilian cuisine is similar to that of other Latin American countries, they have a sweet tooth, they love rice and beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, and have a long list of tasty recipes. So if you’re having viewing parties during these Olympics, we recommend that you do it Brazilian style!

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Click on photos for recipes:

Churrasco (Flank Steak Brazilian Style)

Brazilians are well-known for their churrascos, which is the Portuguese term referring to beef or grilled meat. Check out this great recipe for churrasco along with the chimichurri sauce–amazing!

churrasco con chimichurri




This black bean stew has white rice, black beans and a mixture of salted, smoked, and fresh meats. It’s delicious and very filling, similar to a chili, but with more variety.Feijoada