Fat Joe: "Yes I'm Latino"

Discrimination and stereotyping is something that continues to thrive in this country. Even in the Hispanic and Latino community, you are expected to talk and even look a certain way. It’s something that often keeps you from achieving your goals, but only if you listen to the critiques. For most of us, it’s irrelevant, even though it does make you wonder if you should change to fit the mold. In the world of rappers, it’s no different. If you rap you are considered “Black” and Fat Joe is one of the oldest Latino and Puerto Rican rappers and to this date he gets questioned about being Latino.

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Fat Joe has been rapping since the early 90’s, he’s one of the greats, and has collaborated with other greats, such as Big Pun. He’s paid his dues, but a lot of people think he’s black, even though he speaks Spanish and is always rapping about Puerto Rico.fat joe