Is the A/C Giving You Arthritis Pain?

Ever hear someone say, “There’s a storm coming because my arthritis is acting up.” Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints, which can include stiffness and joint pain. Believe it or not, for some people their arthritis can worsen during the warm summer months, especially when you go from the heat outside to the cold A/C inside. Arthritis is extremely uncomfortable and even though there’s no cure, there are ways to reduce inflammation and relieve pain and stiffness.

arthritis hands

It’s not so much the hot weather that affects people with arthritis, as much as the humidity and cold. In fact, people living in warmer, drier climates experience fewer episodes of arthritis pain. A drop in air pressure can cause the tissues of your body to expand, causing already inflamed tissues to swell and cause increased arthritis pain. Plus going from the hot weather outside to an A/C controlled room can increase arthritis joint pain.