Selena Gomez Swears By Ginger Shots, Find Out Why!

Selena Gomez recently joined James Corden for Carpool Karaoke where they rode singing some of Selena’s biggest hits. They rode a roller-coaster and even went through a drive-thru at McDonald’s. The hilarious segments are always fun to watch because you get to listen to your favorite stars sing live to their own songs and even share some intimate details from their everyday lives. During this Carpool Karaoke we learned that Selena doesn’t start her mornings without taking a ginger shot and for good reason.

ginger shots,selena gomez and james corden

What’s a Ginger Shot?

Selena Gomez starts her morning with ginger shots, which are sold in small bottles, such as the Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate Shots. These are similar to energy shots, except that they are an organic blend of all natural super food extracts. Before you run to the store, get the recipe on how to make it yourself, but first, check out the benefits of ginger: