Being Bilingual Helped Open Doors For Benicio Del Toro

One of the biggest issues parents struggle with is teaching their children Spanish. It’s so important, especially for Latinos because it helps opens doors, as well as understanding their culture better. Benicio Del Toro has benefited from being bilingual and during his commencement speech at the University of Puerto Rico he shared how being Hispanic and bilingual has helped him advance in his career.

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 benicio del toro One of the biggest issues for Hollywood actors like Benicio Del Toro is not looking mainstream. Many actors are often asked to dye their hair or sound more American because their accent comes through when they are bilingual. Del Toro was even asked to change his name if he wanted to make it in Hollywood. “Changing my name would be forgetting who I am and leaving my pride aside; not just my personal pride, but the pride for my country and my identity,” he says. “If you forget where you come from, you lose the essence of who you are.”
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