Every Day 700,000 People Die From Antimicrobial Resistance & It’s Only Getting Worse

The World Health Organization (WHO) held their 69TH World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland and one of the biggest issues that is affecting people globally is antimicrobial resistance. People are dying from infections because antibiotics are not working and this is a global problem that leads to premature deaths and trillions of dollars lost in the global economy.

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It is estimated that antimicrobial resistance could lead to millions of premature deaths, and up to $100 trillion lost in the global economy by 2050. “Antimicrobial resistance is a problem today and if you worry about the 10 million lives lost by 2050, you should also worry about 700,000 people dying today every year from drug resistance infections and that’s 200,000 from tuberculosis alone,” says Hala Audi, Head of the Review Team UK-Commissioned Review on Antimicrobial Resistance during the 69th World Health Assembly.antibiotics resistance

“At the heart of our findings, there is a market failure and a policy failure that leads to the rise of drug resistance infections and that’s because on one hand you have a lot of people suffering in their health or dying from lack of health access to antibiotics, while at the same time there’s a lot of excessive use of antibiotics,” she said. Respiratory issues for example–about two-thirds of people get antibiotics when they don’t need them.

Many times drugs are disposed into bodies of water and that water is not treated and when bugs get to that water, they have ingested those antibiotics, so when people are infected through insect bites and get treated with those same drugs, they don’t work.
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