There’s a Lesson to Be Learned From the Biggest Loser Claims

The Biggest Loser has helped motivate millions of fans to lose unwanted pounds. Year after year morbidly obese contestants have lost hundreds of pounds in short periods of time and their heartwarming and many times sad stories of why they gained that weight hit close to home in viewers homes, motivating them to get up and workout. Yet, the show has recently come under fire because many contestants have gained back the weight and there are even reports that contestants were encouraged to use drugs and even starve themselves to meet their weekly weight loss goals.

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In an article published by the New York Post, past contestants spilled the beans about how they were encouraged to lie about their weight and take street drugs, while starving themselves on the show.biggest loser workout

“This show hurts people,” said Suzanne Medonca to ET. “I have heard people take diuretics on my season and I did hear [trainer] Bob [Harper] speaking about ephedra pills.” Ephedra is a drug that was banned by the FDA over 10 years ago and it’s used to promote weight loss and boost energy.